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How to build a commercial bar?

How to build a commercial bar?

J Construction & Modern Designs is a company that offers a complete service for each project, from design and execution to consulting and supervision of work, always with personalized attention.

Bar styles and designs

In each of their bar designs, they integrate shapes, colors and materials to build unique and authentic, functional and aesthetically interesting spaces.

The main aspects of a bar that help create an iconic style are: materials, moldings, bar fronts, bar covers, doors, hardware, rear units, awnings, miscellaneous.

What are the types of commercial bars?

Modern / contemporary:
It is an elegant bar with straight lines that you will find in a modern club today. We are experts in modern designs of commercial bars in the Boston area.

commercial bar top ideas

Through paintings, textures, coatings, lighting, custom furniture, accessories, etc., and our professional design and decoration team, we create unique spaces and environments for each client, achieving their total satisfaction.

Traditional bar base with a modern twist, less trim for easier integration of modern features

Traditional – the look you get when you think of a chic, embellished, vintage English pub with lots of eye-catching levels.

  • Project Title : Decorating bars
  • Client Details : Jhon Marisson
  • Project Location : Abington, Massachusetts