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Bathroom design and remodeling

Bathroom design and remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

remodel your bathroom
Bathroom Planning and Design

Our professional bathroom designers at J Construction & Modern Designs are here to help you with custom bathroom planning and design services designed for you.

We take your initial inspirations and collaborate for a custom bathroom design that works perfectly with your home. We will cooperate with you during the bathroom remodeling planning phase to ensure that the bathroom of your dreams fits perfectly into your home. Whether you are interested in installing a traditional or tropical bathroom inside your home, they are here to help you fulfill your dreams.

What do I want in my bathroom?

In general, when we want to do a bathroom remodel, it is very difficult for us to know where to start, even more so when we do not know what we want and what implications it entails. we are experts in bathroom design and remodeling

So, the first thing is to identify what is my need if: modernize, expand or a total reform of the bathroom, etc.

Once our objective is identified, we can have a clearer idea of ​​our project, so we focus on the priority, since in many cases our available money overflows on things that we did not have in mind, overlooking what we really need.

We remodel your bathroom

Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior decor Lawrence

The modern bathroom design focuses on a simple, clean and minimalist look. Think geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colors, and mid-century furniture. Your bathroom, large or small, can easily be converted into a luxurious and modern sanctuary for relaxation and reflection.

Since bathrooms are spaces we use every day, it is important to design them to fit our personal style. From bright and cheery to sophisticated and elegant, these modern bathroom design ideas transform utilitarian spaces into relaxing and refreshing getaways.  We are experts in bathroom design and remodeling, in the Boston, Massachusetts, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

What is the process ?

We visit your bathroom

First, once you have contacted us, we will visit you at your home where you can explain what you need to cover in your new bathroom, and together we will review these details with you to begin planning the project.
We will take measurements of your bathroom, writing down all kinds of details necessary to carry out the project.

We remodel your bathroom
experts in bathroom design and remodeling

We prepare a budget

With all the information collected in your home we will get to work and we will make a budget, where we will present in detail each material, bathroom equipment and accessory.

You will be able to see the remodeling time and the shapes of the symbols, so that you can finally have a clear idea of ​​the work that we are going to do in your bathroom.

We remodel your bathroom

We take your vision seriously, involving you in the design process, to include every detail in your new bathroom. As a bathroom remodeling company with a reputation for over 15 years in the Boston, Massachusetts, Cambridge and surrounding area, we deliver results in a timely manner.

Once you have decided on a date to start remodeling your bathroom, a highly qualified team of specialists will take care of the job, making sure everything is done with complete correction and within agreed deadlines, respecting the request. and cleaning in your house.

remodel your bathroom